Two Kind, Non-Surgical Alternatives To Declawing Your Cat

28 September 2016
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Though declawing has become a common practice in the United States, it can cause health issues for cats. Declawing does not just remove the cat's nails; it also removes the last bone from the toes. Some cats who are declawed later develop back pain and arthritis because the declawing alters the way they walk. Infections and foot pain are also common. If you'd rather not put your cat at risk of these ailments, there are two safer, more humane ways you can keep your cat from scratching up your furniture. Read More 

How To Tame A Semi-Feral Cat

26 July 2016
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Feral cats are born outdoors and have little to no contact with people. Animal experts advise that these cats are best left to live outdoors because there is little hope that they will adjust to life as indoor pets. However, semi-feral cats are also born outdoors, but they have had interaction with humans. These semi-feral cats are shy at first, but with patience, they can adjust to living with people and make excellent household pets. Read More 

Caring For Your Dog After She Has Been Spayed: Tips For You

15 July 2016
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When you have a female dog and you decide to take her to the spay clinic to have the spay procedure completed, you may not know what you can expect following the procedure. Because spaying is a major surgery, your dog will likely spend at least an overnight with the veterinarian to ensure they do not suffer from any complications or issues immediately following their surgery. However, once they return home with you, you will need to ensure that you are providing them with the care they require to recover well and remain as healthy as possible in the process. Read More 

How to Keep Your Cat Safe This Summer

27 June 2016
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If this is your first summer as a cat owner, you are going to want to take a few extra steps to make sure that your cat is safe and protected so that you don't have to go to an emergency animal hospital because of a summer ordeal. Here are five things you should do for your cat this summer in order to ensure its safety. Provide Your Cat with a Cool Place to Hang Read More 

How To Keep A Kitten Healthy And Safe

6 June 2016
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If you just got a kitten, or you plan on getting one, then you want to learn all you can about how to ensure they stay safe and healthy. This article will help you to have a much better understanding of things you should do to ensure that you are giving your new kitten the best start in life possible. Keep your kitten indoors One of the best things you can do to ensure your kitten lives a long and healthy life is to consider making it an indoor cat. Read More