3 Things To Do If Your Dog Is Hit By A Car

30 April 2015
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Dogs truly are a man's best friend- they are loyal, loving, and they become a part of your family when you bring one into your home. As a dog owner, you probably do everything possible to keep your pet safe, but dogs can dig under fences or run out of open doors. One of the greatest nightmares of any dog owner is having his or her dog hit by a car. Unfortunately, it does happen but how you react can determine whether your dog recovers or dies. Use the following tips if your dog is hit by a car:

Approach Your Pet Carefully

Being hit by a car typically causes major injuries in a dog, and he or she may behave different than normal due to the pain from the injuries. While it is normal for you to panic and want to react quickly if your dog has been hit by a car, approach your pet slowly in order to reduce stress and prevent growling or unprovoked aggression. Your dog still loves you, but pain and injuries may bring out a side that you don't expect.

Take Care When Moving Your Dog

In many cases, a dog hit by a car may not have excessive bleeding or other visible injuries. But internal injuries and broken bones are common, so it is very important to take great care when moving your dog into your car to receive veterinary car. Depending on the size of your dog, you may want to try to make a stretcher out of a board to prevent causing further damage when moving him or her into your car.Don't pick up your dog as you may normally do, as this can exacerbate the injuries.

Visit an Emergency Vet ASAP

After your dog is hit by a car, visiting an emergency vet as soon as possible is absolutely essential. Emergency vets are very familiar with treating animals who are very ill or have suffered trauma, so your dog will be in good hands with a vet who specializes in emergency veterinary care.

Depending on the severity of your dog's injuries, it may be a good idea to contact the emergency animal hospital in advance to let them know that you are coming, and to give them an idea of what happened to your dog. Getting your dog emergency veterinary care as soon as possible after being hit by a car is the key to hopefully saving his or her life.