Home Remedies Your Mom Used That Can Totally Benefit Your Dog

30 April 2015
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They've been handed down for generations; simple solutions to common aches and pains. It's how your parents comforted you when you got sick, and now you can pass those loving acts down to your pampered pooch. While veterinary attention is always an important part of any pet wellness plan, there are some things you can do at home to comfort your pet suffering from an uncomfortable affliction. Here are a few time-tested remedies that can bring your dog some relief.

Chicken Soup

It's the epitome of home remedies. Chicken soup has long been touted as the cure for a cold, but a similar broth can be used to do so much more for your pet. Bone broth, made from leftover chicken bones, is easy and cheap to make, and the benefits are seemingly endless. Bone broth can help dogs with gastrointestinal issues, joint pain and skin issues.

Simply place the bones from last night's roasted chicken into a crock pot and leave it on low for 24 hours. Then, strain and throw away all the bones, because cooked bones can be a hazard to your dog. Use an ice tray to freeze single servings, and melt one in the microwave to pour over your dog's food for each meal.

Oatmeal Bath

You probably got an oatmeal bath when you came down with the chicken pox. It helped soothe your skin and ensure you didn't scratch, because as your mom said, scratching will cause scars! This calming treatment will work on your dog, too! If your dog has been itching like crazy, add two or three cups of oatmeal to a room temperature bath. Then, let your dog soak as long as they are comfortable to help relieve that itch.

If your dog is one of the many that doesn't enjoy bath time, use regular quick oats as a topical treatment. It's almost like a trip to the spa!

Epsom Salt Soak

Epsom salts are a multi-function miracle. Your grandma may have used them to clean out your cuts. They can do the same for your dog! It's important to thoroughly clean any wound or hot spot. Soak the area with an Epsom salt bath, and then irrigate. It should help ward off any infection. It's important to note that bad hot spots and infected wounds may require veterinary care. Consult with your veterinarian before you treat injuries at home.

Like their human counterparts, dogs get scrapes, rashes and stomach issues that don't always require professional care. In these instances, caring for your pet at home with age-old remedies can do the trick.