Your Dog Needs Clean Ears Too: 3 Steps To Clean Doggy Ears

4 May 2015
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Grooming is important to your dog's health. If you just looked in your dog's ear, you might have noticed a brownish build-up. That's actually a sign that you need to clean your dog's ears. There's no need to have the veterinarian do the cleaning, unless your dog is exhibiting signs of ear pain ā€“ cringing when ear is touched, or scratching at the ear. For ordinary dirty ears, you can do the cleaning by yourself. Here are some simple steps to help you keep your dog's ears clean.

Prepare the Cleaning Solution

You don't have to spend money on store bought cleaning products. You can make your own cleaning solution with the following ingredients.

Supplies You'll Need

  • Vinegar
  • Rubbing alcohol

  • Small glass bowl


  1. Place 2 ounces each of vinegar and rubbing alcohol in a clean glass bowl.

  2. Mix the solution well and set aside.

Wipe Away the Visible Dirt

Before you clean the inner ear canal, you'll want to wipe away the dirt and oils from the skin on the ear flap. Dip a cotton ball in the cleaning solution and gently wipe the skin. Discard the cotton ball when it becomes too soiled and begin using a fresh one. Once the ear is clean, use a dry cotton ball to wipe away the excess moisture.

Clean the Inner Ear

When you're cleaning your dog's inner ear canal, it's important that you not place any sharp objects inside the canal. This can cause serious injuries to your dog. Here's how to clean the inner ear canal.

Supplies You'll Need

  • Towel
  • Bowl of cleaning solution you made earlier

  • Cotton balls

  • Medicine dropper


  1. Place a towel on your lap and rest your dog's head on the towel.

  2. Fill your medicine dropper with the cleaning solution.

  3. Place several drops of the cleaning solution into each ear.

  4. Massage the base of your dog's ears to move the cleaning solution into the ear canal.

  5. Let your dog shake its head if it wants to. This will help loosen up the dirt and wax that's lodged inside the ear.

  6. Use a cotton ball to wipe away the excess cleaning solution from around the ear canal.

  7. Allow the solution to drain naturally.

Your dog needs to have its ears cleaned out on a regular basis. Dirty ears can lead to ear infections. In addition to the normal grooming you give your dog, you should keep your dog's ears clean using these simple steps. Contact Woodside Veterinary Hospital for more information on pet grooming.