A Quick Reference Guide To Emergency Iguana Health Problems

12 May 2015
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Iguanas are desirable pets in the lizard family because they are usually relatively healthy pets that are easy to care for by their owners. However, iguanas are wild animals and bringing one into your home can always mean that you may see an occasional emergency health situation. Here are a few of the most common emergency situations that will require you to take your iguana in for immediate treatment by a professional.

The Appearance of Black Spots On the Skin

Some iguana breeds will naturally have small black spots on their skin and this is considered to be perfectly normal. However, if you notice blackened spots or areas on your iguana's skin that seem to be spreading and appear dry and crusty, this is a sign of a fungal infection. Even though this is a treatable condition, it can lead to severe health issues if not addressed immediately by a veterinarian. It is a common misconception that black fungal spots can be healed with antibiotic ointment, but you will need an anti-fungal cream that can only be obtained by prescription.

Apparent Signs of Breathing Problems

Your iguana should be able to breathe easy at all times. Any signs of prolonged labored breathing means that something is not right. The rapid breathing may be accompanied by foaming or excess salivation, and your iguana may hold his mouth open for extended periods of time. If you see any signs of breathing problems, it is crucial that you take your iguana to an emergency pet hospital for immediate help. If the issue is not addressed, your pet could have his life at risk.

Lack of Appetite Accompanied by Vomiting

Because of the intestinal and digestion makeup of most lizards, vomiting is actually a very difficult process. Therefore, if you see that your iguana is experiencing loss of appetite accompanied by vomiting, there is something majorly wrong. In a lot of cases, this is indicative of something toxic being ingested by your pet. If possible, gather a sample of the regurgitation and take your iguana for emergency attention at the veterinarian.

As the owner of an iguana, it is your responsibility to ensure you are familiar with a few of the most common health issues that can come up. Being able to recognize an emergency when you see it could be the difference in if your pet iguana survives through a major health problem or doesn't. 

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