Bringing Home Puppy: The Process Of Adopting A Discovered Stray Dog

25 June 2015
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Driving down the road and coming across a stray dog gives you an opportunity to lend a hand to another living being. It may also be your chance to grow your family. If you have happened across a stray dog and think you may want to keep them, there is a process that you should follow. Here are four steps to a smooth transition for you and the doggy who will steal your heart.

Step One: Food and Water

It is likely that a stray puppy will be hungry and thirsty. Since you won't be sure how long the stray has been without water and sustenance, it is critical that you feed and water them right away. Bottled water and dog food are great to have in a trunk emergency kit. If you don't have either of these handy, grab the pup and make a quick stop at the nearest store for a little food and water.

Step Two: Vet Stop

Taking the dog to a pet hospital is a necessary first stop for two reasons. The first reason is to give the dog a once over health check. The second is to scan for a microchip. Many household pets now have a microchip with the information of the pet owner. If it turns out that the pet has no microchip and you would like to keep the pet, you will need to pay the veterinarian for the checkup and any other necessary treatments. For more information, contact Grove Center Veterinary Hospital or a similar location.

Step Three: Searching for an Owner

Even if the pet is without a microchip or a collar with information, the pet could still have an owner. Post flyers in the area where the dog was found. Use the internet to post lost pet information on social media for your area. If you have not found an owner within a few weeks, it is safe to consider that the pet was abandoned and available for you to keep.

Step Four: Prepare Your Home

As soon as you get the pup home, you will need to purchase items to make keeping the pet comfortable for the two of you. Dog bowls, food, shampoo and grooming products are the items that you need to have on hand. A harness and a leash are also necessary if you plan to walk the pup. A day or two at your home will give you an idea on whether or not the dog is properly potty trained. If it turns out the dog is not, you will need puppy pads and a crate in order to train them.

The most important item that you need is the willingness of yourself and your family to work with the puppy and welcome them into the fold. Immediately receiving a sense of ownership and a sense of welcoming, your brand new find will become one of the fold very quickly.