How To Give A Wild Bengal Cat Medication

7 July 2015
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Bengals are a breed of domestic cats with playful personalities. They are also difficult to medicate. The Bengal personality is to keep playing and never stay still. They don't care to be held down. Hearing a Bengal scream when receiving medication can hurt your ears. How do you manage to give your Bengal medicine? Follow these tips, cross your fingers, and hope for the best:

No Tricking

Many pet parents trick their pets into taking medicine. They hand over a treat with a pill inside which the cat eats up greedily. If a Bengal catches on to the trick and finds the pill inside, he will not forgive you. The same goes with liquid medication. Don't mix liquid medication with yummy food. Your Bengal will catch on to that, too. He will be wary of treats from now on.

Specific Medication Location

With a Bengal you need to admit that you are going to give him medication by designating a specific location for the deed. Your Bengal will begin to recognize the place and process.


How do you get your Bengal to not put up a fight when you take him to the pill spot? Bengals love yummy treats. Instead of hiding a pill in a treat, you need to reward your Bengal with a medicine free treat. The best treat for after medication taking is something that is a thick liquid that tastes yummy. Butter is one of the best choices, as is yogurt. Strong smelling foods help to mask the smell of the medication such as tuna in liquid, wet food gravy, or even tomato soup.

Why give your Bengal these thick liquid treats instead of his favorite piece of chicken or cat treat?

Starter Chaser Method

Bengals tend to react best to the starter chaser method of giving medication. First, you give your Bengal the treat to lick as the starter. You even put some on his nose so he gets the smell. You then give him the medication. Immediately, you give your Bengal the chaser treat or more of the thick liquid treat. The starter prepares your Bengal for the inevitable. The chaser provides the reward but also helps the medication go down easy.

You can give your Bengal his favorite treat after the whole process is finished and then let him happily leave the designated area. Use these tips and your Bengal won't hate you for giving him medication.

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