The Pet Boarding Bonus Services You Never Knew About

12 August 2015
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When you just can't be there with your pet due to travel, it is incredibly comforting to know that your furry friend is well cared for at a boarding facility. Most people think of a pet boarding facility as just that: A good place for your furry friend to stay while you're gone. However, there are several bonus services that you can request while your pet is staying at the boarding facility, and many people aren't aware of these offerings. Taking advantage of these special services while your pet is boarding can save you time in the long run.

Gland Expression

Many pet boarding facilities will do gland expression on pets while they're boarding if owners request that. Anal glands should be emptied regularly if a pet has problems with producing firm stools. However, tasks like anal gland expression are not the most enjoyable task for pet owners, due to the unpleasant smell that tends to arise when the glands are emptied. Fortunately, the staff at the boarding facility know how to empty anal glands quickly, effectively, and with a minimum of discomfort for the pet.


Many pet breeds need to be regularly groomed to properly maintain their fur and their appearance. This is especially true of long–haired breeds, but grooming takes time that some pet owners may not always have. The pet boarding facility where your pet stays while you're away can take care of all your pet's grooming needs. Just ask if your pet can get their regular grooming while they're boarding one day. Grooming isn't necessarily limited to fur trims, either. It can also include things like ear cleaning and nail clipping.

Regular Vet Care

Many pet owners find it surprising to learn that putting their pet in boarding doesn't have to mean missing regular vet appointments. If you had a vet appointment previously scheduled during the boarding period, make sure that you mention that to your pet boarding facility. They will often either make arrangements to get your pet to their vet appointment or to have your pet be seen by a vet that works with the facility while they're in boarding.

The cost of these extra services can vary, so make sure that you find out the cost of each special service ahead of time. Often, the cost will be added to the total boarding bill, and you can pay for your pet's special services and pet boarding all at once. Taking advantage of these bonus services makes it much easier to feel secure about your pet getting all the care they need while you're gone!