Using Alternative Therapy To Relieve Your Feline's Depression

22 February 2016
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Cats can become depressed for some of the same reasons humans do. They can feel the impact of divorce, the loss of another pet or family member, or stress of moving to a new home. If you have a cat that has been displaying signs of depression, you will want to take the necessary steps in getting them help to relieve this condition. A cat that remains in a depressive state is prone to illness. Seeing a veterinarian is important to rule out any medical condition causing the depression. If the cat is healthy, trying some of the following alternative therapy methods can help reduce the stress your pet is feeling.

Use Sound Therapy To Soothe

If you live in a home with a stressful atmosphere, your cat is sure to feel this as much as a person would. Stressful situations usually happen as a result of loudness, whether it is too many people in one area or someone yelling out of anger. Do your best to keep loudness away from your pet as soon as you realize it is feeling down. Bring it to a room no one will be using and set up a comfortable corner where it can rest away from anxiety triggers.

Play an easy listening tune via compact disk or digital media so your pet can hear it, and pet the cat gently as it plays. Whenever you cat appears withdrawn, go to the room and play the same songs. Your cat will quickly realize these songs mean safety and relaxation, helping to ease their depression as a result.

Use Massage To Reduce Sadness

Try using massage on your pet to relieve stress and sadness. Many cats respond favorably to a therapeutic touch (also called TTouch) massage process. This consists of rubbing the skin in a clockwise motion with a methodical rhythm. Cats enjoy this type of massage on their face and neck and will soon be purring instead of having unsettling thoughts. Pull your cat's ears gently during their face massage to help ease their troubles out of their mind.

Increase Light In The Home

If your home is usually dim, try opening curtains, drapes and blinds on summer days to help your cat get some much-needed light therapy. This is especially helpful in cooler and darker months during the wintertime. If your pet has access to a window sill or screened in porch, allow them additional time to bask in the sun when it is present. This will instantly boost their mood.

If your cat continues to struggle with depression, consider taking him or her to a therapy center like Downing Center For Animal Pain Management.